HS Altitude Camp Recap

A quick recap of an absolutely amazing week spent in Keystone, CO at 9,250 ft. We welcomed 15 athletes from all around the US, representing New Jersey, Wisconsin, Illinois and a large contingent from Portage, MI. We spent 5 days in Keystone soaking up all of that wonderful pine fresh thin air and ripped up the trails topping out on Ptarmigan Peak at 12,500. We had a total of 35 athletes join us for a camp that centered around team work and building community in running.

Build Something

We started our youth camps in 2018 as a way to engage kids outdoors away from everyday distractions like cell phones, SnapChat, and Fortnite and bring them together to learn and grow together face to face through running. Our altitude camps are all about challenging an athletes personal understanding of themselves and furthering their sense of personal capability and confidence; all while contributing to a team. We believe that once athletes can break away from their phones and lean-in to their surroundings they can grow in the moment. Putting athletes in challenging situations as individuals and also asking them to contribute to a team is how we help fulfill our mission. Our mission has always surrounded the idea of athletes becoming the best version of themselves through sport and we were blown away by the growth we saw at camp.

Tayte Pollman Hill Climb Peak Performance Running - Altitude Camp - Workout

Peak Performance Running - Altitude Camp - Workout

Team Work + Team Challenges

This year we added  our ‘Gladiator Games’ which consisted of everything from a Ski Hill Time Trial, Atomic Team Sit-ups, Bucket Cary, a Tug-of-War, and a Dance competition. Aerobic ability alone wasn’t going to win you the trophy. Every athlete on the team was able to contribute through strength, creativity, and leadership. No one person could shine bright so athletes could win, it was always a combined effort to reach the goal. We never expected the competition to come down to the wire quite like it did. With 5 points separating the first 2 teams meant that it was a competition all the way to the finish line! Yellow team won out with the Trophy, which was of course a piece of recycled trash we found at a trail head!

Peak Altitude Camp - Tug Of War Peak Altitude Camp - Bucket Carry

Peak Altitude Camp - Atomic Sit-Ups Peak Performance Running - River Run Climb

Epic Trails

One of our big plans for this year was to introduce new trails and encourage athletes to seek out a rewarding view or summit. We covered the gamut of speed and ability in our group fo 35 and it’s what made each run so special and rewarding. We knew that each run had the potential to motivate and encourage an athlete to go outside their comfort zone whether they were an incoming Freshman or a seasoned racer heading into Senior Year. Taking a little extra time on applications allowed us to better understand what our athletes were capable of and we offered up routes that were as few as 3 and as many as 11 miles depending on the challenge athletes desired. Front of the pack or back of the pack – every athlete had a place on the team and a foot on the ground. The views were often the big reward, even our headlamp night run through Blair Witch – it added a little ‘spooky’ fun to our day!

Peak Performance Running - Altitude Camp - Ptarmigan Peak Peak Performance Running - Altitude Camp - Trail Run Peak Performance Running - Altitude Camp - Girls Workout

Special Guests

We know that camp can’t always be about pushing your body – it’s also learning about how to take care of your body so you can see the next level. This year we were so blessed to have Amanda Turner from Active Fueling , Tabor Scholl from Colorado University (1500/5000), Tayte Pollman (Nike/ATRA), and Nathan Davis from Colorado School of Mines (3000m SC) as part of a panel to share about their journey through running and give us a real look at what it’s like to run collegiately. Tayte practically taught a clinic during our hill climb challenge setting a new line of excellence in the Hill Climb Time Trial.  Amanda brought focus to mealtime and helped us understand how best to time meals and food prior to big races, as well as how we can best manage nutrition and hydration so we can perform at our best.

Peak Performance Running - Amanda Turner Active Fueling and Nutrition Peak Performance Running - Tayte Pollman, Tabor Scholl, Nathan Davis

Peak Performance Running - Athlete Panel - Tabor Scholl, Tayte Pollman

What’s Next?

This year was absolutely amazing and we’re excited to share what we have planned for 2020. What we can tell you is that we’ll be back in 2020 with even more fun, new challenges and an amazing running camp you and your athlete will be thinking about until next year! This year showed us how much all of you value camps and the experience of running in fun, wild places. We will slowly release information about our camps over the next few months with our final dates and pricing coming out in early January.

Peak Altitude Camp - Trophy

Lodging Partner

A huge thank you to our housing partner Summit Cove. They blew us away with amazing lodging! We promise you won’t see a camp with these accommodations anywhere else!

Thank You!

A huge thank you to the following families for hosting athletes in Denver during our transfer night!

The Tuohy-Gaydos Family for hosting athletes + Potluck Dinner

The Mourer Family for hosting athletes

The Cisco Family for hosting athletes


Peak Runs at Running Lane and AAU Nationals

This year was still far from normal - Nike Cross kept a regional event but left a gap open for a new event by not holding Nike Cross Nationals (NXN). This left a hole for a team and individual event to show who was the best in the nation. RunningLane seized that opportunity and built a course that proved to be the fastest in the nation. 4 athletes went under Dathan Ritzenhein's HS XC National record of more
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