Coach Brittany Charboneau on Running Denver TV

Coach Brittany Charboneau makes it on Running Denver TV

Coach Brittany Charboneau shares her running journey with Running Denver TV. Brittany is our Junior and Advanced Teams coach working with athletes that have goals to be where she in the future. Brittany qualified for the Olympic Trials , meeting the Trials ‘A’ Standard (sub 2:37) at the LA Marathon in 2018.

We’re excited to have Brittany on our team as a coach and mentor for youth runners. Sharing her journey daily at practices and living her work as a professional runner.  Take a chance to learn more about Coach Brittany Charboneau.

Support Brittany

Do you like to laugh? Do you love to run? Come down the the Bovine Metropolis Theatre and support Coach Brittany by attending her one man show “My Long Distance Relationship with Running: The Early Miles to the Olympic Trials” opening June 1st at the Bovine Metropolis Theater! Buy tickets here:

Cross Country in the Time of COVID

As time wore on, it wasn’t just the events we’d lose, it was our sense of normalcy. How we interacted, how we greeted each other, how we hyped each other up, how we congratulated each other. It was like a light switch, from that day forward – we had to operate differently because fo COVID.

Altitude Camps

A quick recap of an absolutely amazing week spent in Keystone, CO at 9,250 ft. We welcomed 15 athletes from all around the US, representing New Jersey, Wisconsin, Illinois and a large contingent from Portage, MI. We spent 5 days in Keystone soaking up all of that wonderful pine fresh thin air and ripped up […]

Peak Performance Running take 11 to the National Stage

Peak Performance Running take 11 to the National Stage!

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