2020 Cross Country – A new look at Racing during COVID -19

It was like everything ground to a halt March 15th…

As the winter snow was just beginning to melt, our bags were packed for 2020 New Balance National Indoor (NBNI). The team had collected a few weekends before to watch and cheer on Team USA as the Olympic Marathon Team Trials were decided in Atlanta. During that broadcast – the president interrupted the race at around Mile 21. This was the first time we saw the virus make an impact on the running world – we couldn’t imagine how things would change in a few short weeks.

We first saw New York begin to tighten things down, as we finished a week of tapering, we were prepared for a weekend of racing in New York City. Connecting with coaches and athletes around the US to go after some hardware at the Armory in NYC. As our bags were zippered shut – the news came out – NBNI was cancelled, it was like everything ground to a halt March 15th. We rescheduled flights, cancelled hotel reservations, and lamented over the loss of a big event – hoping it would just be a few short months until New Balance National Outdoor.

As time wore on, it wasn’t just the events we’d lose, it was our sense of normalcy. How we interacted, how we greeted each other, how we hyped each other up, how we congratulated each other. It was like a light switch, from that day forward – we had to operate differently because of COVID.

Photos from 2019