We are Peak Performance Running. We are more than just a team of runners. We are a community of young hearts and minds that are the future of running. We are here to show the world that we’re capable of more!

We’re getting really excited to share so much more with you in the next coming weeks and months. We’re going to change the face of the youth running community in Golden. We strive to deliver the best running program in the Front Range. We pride ourselves on building athletes that are more than just capable runners, they’re good sportsman. We believe that the future of running begins with our youth. We have already built athletes that compete at the top level of the Sport in USATF Junior Olympic National Events, as well as the WRMA World Youth Mountain Running Championships.

Our staff is the best of the best, and have either a background in sports, education, or both! We believe that coaches that are in the sport and competing are bette coaches because they live and breath the sport. We foster an environment that allows athletes to be challenged as well as nurtured. We believe in coaching consciously not callously. We work with athletes of all abilities and disciplines.

You can find out more about us and our team in the recent posts below, or find us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news!