Membership Options

Advanced + High School Team Membership

The Advanced team has a large mix of athletes which can include middle school and high school athletes. This composite team has a higher training load and volume than the teams underneath it. To meet the needs of athletes both  physically and socially athletes are not broken up by age or grade.

This program has a summer mileage requirement and also has an accompanying strength training program that is high school only. This program is designed to build high performance high school athletes looking to perform at the top and meet recruitment standards for D1, D2, and D3 schools. The coaching staff in contact is Coach Andrew.

  • 1:1 goal setting with Coach Andrew
  • TrainingPeaks plan delivery and individualization as needed
  • Team atmosphere with Individual attention

Cost: $175/ Month

Discounted Quarterly Membership

Cost: $525 – (10% Discount)

Juniors Team Membership

The juniors team is where Peak Performance Running’s up and coming middle school athletes prosper. This is a team for athletes that are sharpening skills and are priming for future competition. These athletes are focusing on skill development, form, and basic race strategy.

The junior team is designed to give kids a path towards their best future performances, break through barriers, and set new PR’s. The coaching staff in contact is split between Coach Katie and Coach Andrew

  • 1:1 goal setting with Coaching Staff
  • Team Strength and Conditioning
  • Group training atmosphere

Cost: $150/ Month

Discounted Quarterly Membership

Cost: $405 – (10% Discount)

Development Team Membership

The Development Team is designed to introduce new runners to running. The Development team at Peak Performance Running is designed to give athletes the tools they need to run efficiently, and without pain. This program has a major focus on fun, putting running in a format that allows the athlete to associate running with excitement, exploration, and positivity.

Cost:  $120/ Month

Punch Pass (10 Punches)

This Punch pass allows athletes to attend practice as much or as little as they’d like. This 10 punch pass is good for any running practice type [Strength or Running]. This payment option is great if you plan on attending during other seasons, or if a busy schedule doesn’t make sense for a monthly membership. This is a popular option with new athletes.

Cost: $150

How our programs work

Peak Performance Running offers year round training opportunities for athletes who pursue running with larger goals in mind, as well as using the fitness benefits for other sports they pursue. Peak Performance Running has 2 main seasons throughout a calendar year falling in the spring and fall. Spring track extends into summer for post season Junior Olympic competition; Cross Country follows the same pattern where the main season is fall and extends into winter for post-season competition.

How we serve athletes

To best serve athletes on their journey throughout the year we offer a progression programming approach. Young athletes enter the Development Program and work their way into the Juniors Program and finally into the Advanced/ High School Program. Athletes move groups by fulfilling a series of requirements. Athletes in each program share similar qualities, abilities, and ability to manage similar training volumes. This allows athletes to mature and progress at the pace that best suits the individual needs of each athlete while still maintain the positive social aspects of a group setting.

Do you do more than run?

Peak Performance Running believes that athletes need to vary training modalities, surfaces, and types. In a given week athletes will be on trails, a track, and a weight room. Giving them the full spectrum experience any top level athlete needs to perform. We believe in offering athletes the greatest opportunity for success. We’ve seen it pay off again and again – our athletes continue to be ranked at the top in state and national competitions. We believe that as we #buildsomething we do it best together no matter the journey we’re on!

Individual Training Sessions

Looking for a 1:1 session for your runner? We have just what you need. Head Coach Andrew and Juniors Coach Brittany offer 1:1 sessions with athletes to help them bring focus to areas where they may be struggling to make improvements at the rate of their peers. These sessions are designed to help your athletes not only gain speed and ability but to gain confidence, function, and strength. Each sessions is individual and 1:1 so you know that your athlete is getting the attention they need to get ahead.

Individual Sessions

Individual Sessions

1:1 Form Sessions with Andrew Simmons

This 60 minute session is focused on defining an athletes current running form , and define ways to improve an athletes mechanics and efficiency. Each session is individualized for the athletes needs. These sessions take place at tracks or local parks and will include filming and review with the athletes and parent. Please come prepared with proper clothing and running shoes.

Purchase: $75

1:1 Training Sessions with Brittany Charboneau

This 60 minute session is  focused on helping the athlete build fitness, work on form queues defined by Coach Andrew, or build confidence in specific parts of the athletes running form or technique. The sessions can take place at a local track or park. Please come prepared  in proper clothing and attire.

Purchase: $55


Individual Training Packages

5 Pack of Training with Head Coach Andrew Simmons

5 Individual training sessions with Head Coach Andrew Simmons. These sessions are focused on a specific area that the athlete or athlete team defines as needing focus. Andrew integrates form, function and confidence into all of his sessions ensuring that athletes leave the session feeling like they have made progress towards their goals with intention and purpose. Each session is 60 minutes.

Purchase: $325

5 Pack of Training with Coach Brittany Charboneau

5 Individual Training Session with Coach Brittany Charboneau. These sessions are focused on a specific area that the athlete or athlete team defines as needing focus. Coach Brittany is an excellent mentor and coach for young female athletes who are looking to build confidence or work privately on an area of weakness , or just build their abilities in the background. Each session is designed to give the athlete the attention and focus necessary to achieve their goals. Each session is 60 minutes.

Purchase: $225

Run Your Mind

This program is designed to help young athletes – specifically young youth athletes develop and implement mental training tools to aid in accomplishing their running goals. This is an 8 week program designed specifically at the 2018 XC season. Please find a more detailed description and sneak peek in the PDF at right. If you’re interested in having your athlete be one of the first to try this program out please contact us directly
Run Your Mind Program – $50/ month, $100 for the 8 week session
  • 8 week mental training plan w/ workbook to be completed weekly alongside Coach Brittany
  • Discussion and contact delivered 2x/ week with a phone call/ FaceTime/ Zoom
    • Sunday’s to discuss the weekends racing and set the tone for the week
    • Midweek phone call to check-in pre-race on race strategy + mental game plan
  • Follow Up/ Progress report to be delivered following the completion of the program
Why Coach Brittany?
“I have been running for over 17 years, and as my level of competition has risen to a professional level as a full-time runner, I have realized that my biggest strides (absolutely pun intended) have been made in my mental game and how I approach each workout and race. I’ve come to learn that success in running has been just as much mental as it has physical. My goals with the “Run Your Mind” program are:
  • To help pass on my knowledge & experience from a mental approach
  • To help young athletes (particularly young women) discover their own mental tools to their training
  • To apply these tools to enhance their strengths and combat their weaknesses in their overall performance
  • To be a coach and open door that athletes can connect with and trust in any area of their running journey”