Peak takes on RunningLane Nationals in Huntsville, AL

This year was still far from normal – Nike Cross kept a regional event but left a gap open for a new event by not holding Nike Cross Nationals (NXN). This left a hole for a team and individual event to show who was the best in the nation. RunningLane seized that opportunity and built a course that proved to be the fastest in the nation. 4 athletes went under Dathan Ritzenhein’s HS XC National record of 14:10. To put that into context – most HS boys are elated to run a single 4:32 mile all-out in track season. These 4 boys all went under 4:32 pace for 5K on a grass course. This was anything but a normal day, a cool wet mist fell over the course leaving it cool and overcast creating conditions for exceptionally fast racing. Our HS and Peak Elite members put their fitness on display for everyone to see. We couldn’t be more proud!

Bryce Reeburgh – 21 second PR – 14:42
Henry Stubenrauch – 30 second PR – 15:22
Benji Anderson – 5 secondPR – 15:32 ***FRESHMAN!!!
Isaac VanWestrienen – 29 second PR – 16:07
Rosie Mucharsky – .1 second PR 17:37.6 ***FRESHMAN!!!
Amy O’Connell – – 7 second PR 18:35
Lucy Voss – 10 Second PR (19:00.10)
Tyler Smith – 19:05

We couldn’t be more thankful for the programs these kids attend during the season. They came back from State with a few days off and got back to work putting the final touches or filling in weaknesses. Our Peak Elite athletes went back to a robust schedule of 2 workouts / week of running and 2 workouts in the weight room which allowed us to fully capitalize on their fitness. A huge thank you to the friends and family who came to Alabama to support and cheer on these athletes. Lucy Voss and Rosie were reunited  as they have built an amazing friendship through our camps and club over the years. Rosie and Benji stand as some of the fastest Freshman in the country putting up times that upperclassmen would be proud to boast – very bright futures! Our newest addition to Peak Elite is Isaac and in a very short amount of time we were able to capitalize on a few week areas and bring to light his true fitness. Also a brief shout out to Bryce and Henry – Bryce breaking 15 for the first time and Henry knocking almost 2 minutes off last years PB with a stellar 15:22! Amy made huge strides as well with her confidence and achieved a new PR with plenty of room left to build!

Peak Juniors Take on AAU Nationals in Charlotte, NC

This year brought about a lot of changes for our Junior team. Our team began very small this year with a small handful of athletes carrying over from this summer. We had a large number of new freshman coupled with a tough recruiting summer with minimal MS racing opportunities – we started small. Small numbers coupled with a brand new coach in Alex Holm didn’t stop us from making a run at nationals though. Throughout the fall we managed to build a team of dedicated athletes under Holm’s leadership. Alex has a great background in running and teaching so he’s a natural fit for how we work and build our athletes; understanding our ethos of consciously not callously. Despite taking our smallest group to AAU nationals this year – we managed to have some stellar results and big PR’s that can come with a nationals experience. We’re so proud of the athletes who put forth an immense amount of hard work, time, and travel to make it to the biggest race of the year. Coach Nancy Yager did a wonderful job the lat 2 years with the Pugh family boys before handing them off to Alex this year, she did a great job preparing Nola Pugh for a big finish at nationals this year!

Congratulations on your finish and success – you earned it!


AAU Nationals!
  1. Nola Pugh: 9:05 for 41st!!
  2. Max Pugh: 13:14 for 163rd
  3. Wade Pugh – 11:52.51 for 84th
  4. Evelyn Scobie – 13:25 for 141st
  5. Josie Reddinger – 12:36 for 95th
  6. Skylar Bedard – 16:36 for 74th
  7. Rachel Henderson – 18:13 for 134th