Peak Performance Running is a year-round USATF affiliated running program based in Golden, Colorado. We believe that the running season isn’t confined to just track and cross country seasons. We also believe in pursuing other aspects of the sport that include mountain running, trail running, and snowshoe racing.

Peak Performance Triathlon is a summer-only youth triathlon program based in Lakewood/ Golden, Co. We utilize the summer months to train for cycling, swimming, and utilize to Peak Performance Running Team for some running practices. We encourage athletes to compete during the summer and have multiple opportunities for individual or relay race competitions. Practices are held primarily in Bear Creek Lake Park, running practices will share the same schedule as the Peak Performance Running Team.

We hold practices primarily on trails to keep the impact factor low and the fun factor high! We utilize local trails for training all across the Denver, Golden, Lakewood area. We can be found flying down the switchbacks on South Table or flying up Mt. Falcon.

We have broken our program up into segments to allow athletes of all levels to have a home that best fits their abilities and allows them the freedom to grow without getting run down or over trained. We run our development program 3 days a week, and our juniors program 4 days a week with an optional 5th day for long runs. You can find our schedule on our Team Snap page as a member.

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Summer Run Program

The Summer Run program is ideal for athletes looking to stay in shape, begin running for the first time, or prepare for fall Cross Country. We have teams and coaches that allow athletes to grow from group to group depending on their individual goals! If you’re just looking to stay in shape or get faster this summer – this program is a great fit. We have separate groups for Grade School, Middle School, Incoming Freshman and High School.


Program Pricing

The First 2 practices are on us!

These practices help give new runners a chance to meet coaches and other young runners to see if it’s a good fit.

High School/Advanced:$175/ month, or $150 for 10 session punch card

Juniors: $150/ month, or $150 for 10 session punch card

Development Team: $120/ month, or $150 for 10 session punch card

We offer a sibling discount!

High School & Advanced Teams

The advanced team has a large mix of athletes which can include middle school and high school athletes. This composite team has a higher training load and volume than the teams underneath it. To meet the needs of athletes both  physically and socially athletes are not broken up by age or grade. Athletes are grouped up based on event goals and current fitness. This means an 8th grader running 2:24 in the 800 could be with a Sophomore running the same or slightly faster speed. This allows athletes to train in an environment that provides them with a challenge without overcapitalizing on one athletes specific strength or weakness. Depending on athletes in-season needs they may practice with the high school team or during regular session with the junior team.

The High School team is designed to fill the gap between seasons for incoming freshman and upperclassmen who are looking to take their skills to the next level. This program is focused on sharpening skills, building mileage, advanced tactics, and mental strategy. High School team athletes have the option to practice in a separate session which allows them to prepare for specific events, and enjoy more 1:1 time with coaching staff.

This program has a summer mileage requirement and also has an accompanying strength training program that is high school only. This program is designed to build high performance high school athletes looking to perform at the top and meet recruitment standards for D1, D2, and D3 schools. The coaching staff in contact is Coach Andrew.

  • 1:1 goal setting with Coach Andrew
  • TrainingPeaks plan delivery and individualization as needed
  • Team atmosphere with Individual attention

Juniors Team

The juniors team is where Peak Performance Running’s up and coming middle school athletes prosper. This is a team for athletes that are sharpening skills and are priming for future competition. These athletes are focusing on skill development, form, and basic race strategy.

This team has a time requirement to meet the junior team time standards in the 1600m, 800m, or 400m events. To progress out of this team , you need to age out into high school or have a race/ test performance that meets the high school team standard. The junior team is designed to give kids a path towards their best future performances, break through barriers, and set new PR’s. The coaching staff in contact is split between Coach Brittany and Coach Andrew.

  • 1:1 goal setting with Coaching Staff
  • Team Strength and Conditioning
  • Group training atmosphere

Development Team

The Development Team is designed to introduce new runners to running. The Development team at Peak Performance Running is designed to give athletes the tools they need to run efficiently, and without pain. This program has a major focus on fun, putting running in a format that allows the athlete to associate running with excitement, exploration, and positivity.

Athletes are always encouraged to push themselves and beat yesterday with the goal of advancing upward in the program. To advance out of the development team, athletes need have a race or test performance that meets the junior team standard. The coaching staff in contact is split between Coach Katie and Coach Nancy.

Strength and Conditioning

The strength and conditioning program is offered for advanced and junior team athletes. These programs are lead by CSCS certified coach Katie Whidden. She has kept the Peak Performance Running Team injury free and built some of the strongest athletes in the Colorado running scene!

The youngest athletes rarely use weight until they hit 13 years of age (age is a number, every athlete is assessed individually), at which point they are given the opportunity to add weight and take on more comprehensive movements. The high school program takes a stronger focus on integrating standard lifts and some light Olympic lifts. The focus is on function and form not moving the most weight in a single movement or session.