Fall Cross Country Program

Fall Cross Country Program

The Cross Country Program is perfect for athletes looking to stay in shape, begin running for the first time, and have fun running with a team. We have teams and coaches that allow athletes to grow from group to group depending on their individual goals! If you’re just looking to stay in shape or get faster this summer – this program is a great fit. We have separate groups for Grade School, Middle School, and High School.

Running as a Team

Athletes can compete on a team or as an individual in a traditional run 7 score 5 system. This allows athletes to participate against the clock while also helping score points for their team. There are numerous events throughout the fall that allow athletes to compete and courses all over Colorado’s Front Range.

Junior Olympics

Athletes have numerous opportunities to compete in the fall cross country program. Whether they are looking to enter in an occasional race just for fun, compete on a team or strive for the Junior Olympics we support and encourage it all. The Colorado State Junior Olympics Cross Country program is a growing and vibrant program that allows athletes an opportunity to compete as a team or an individual in local, state, regional, and national competitions. In the last 5 years we have taken 55 individuals and 11 teams to Nationals racking up 14 All-American finishes in that time – including the 2016 13-14 Girls National Championship Team! Come join us!

More than just racing

Endurance and stamina make every athlete better. This means more field time, and better endurance later in the game If you’re a soccer, lacrosse, or football player – running will help take you further. You need not worry if you’ve never run more than a mile, we have the groups to take you further. We build athletes through drills, endurance runs, strength training, and team building. Athletes can attend as many or as few practices as they’d like. Traditionally, athletes have found 3-4x a week with 1 day of strength, and 1 structured workout day have helped propel their fitness to new levels.

Grade School/ Beginners

Wondering if your 8yr old boy or girl would fit in here? Absolutely! Our Development program is all about developing structure, as well as self confidence, and fitness. Through deliberate play, and run focused games, and adventures we help kids get running without even knowing it! We will introduce them to every corner of the sport from road races, track running, and trail running adventures. This summer get your kids running – they won’t regret it!

Fall Session ( August 10th – October 31st)

Juniors Team Cost
Monthly: $150
Full Program: $375 
Punch Card: $150 for 10 practices
Development Team Cost
Monthly: $120
Full Program: $325
Punch Card: $150 for 10 practices

Practices: **Please note the time change at the end of August

August 10th- August 21st

Monday: 7-8am Trail Run
Wednesday: 7-8am Track Workout
Friday: 7-8am Trail Run

August 24th- October 31st

Monday: 4:30-5:30pm Trail Run
Wednesday: 4:30-5:30pm Track Workout
Friday: 4:30-5:30pm Trail Run

*Tuesday strength training options for Juniors team

All trail runs are in the Golden/ Lakewood area