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Peak Performance Running is a year-round running program based in the foothills of Golden, Colorado serving athletes of all abilities levels from ages 8-18. Peak Performance Running provides a full-service program for performance athletes and beginners with a focus on fundamentals and basics.  Our summer sessions are focused on the racing track and preparing for the Middle School & High School XC seasons. Our winter programs are geared towards speed and power development for winter indoor track and spring outdoor track. Since 2016 we’ve graduated 15+ athletes into collegiate running programs, produced 4 athletes on Team USA world & national teams, and 20+ Cross Country All-Americans.

How the teams are structured

Our teams are based on athlete abilities and maturity. We list a rough age range for each group but believe that our teams are best viewed as fluid. This allows the athlete to work on a team that fits their fitness level. For example, a talented 11-year-old may find themselves on our junior team where other 11-year-olds may be happily challenged on our development team. 

  • Development Team

  • Juniors Team

  • High School / Advanced

  • Peak Elite

Development (8-11 Years)

Led by Coach Nancy Yager. this team is focused on the early fundamentals of running – this means runs are focused on mixing fun, exploration, and structure. Each run has an objective to complete with a focus on FUN as the first component. Athletes should be able to run 10 minutes consistently. We understand that athletes at this level may need a run/walk approach which is accepted and encouraged. Don’t be intimidated – each practice is 60 minutes, walking and breaks are allowed.

Practice Schedule:
Monday – Trail run of 30-50 minutes
Wednesday – Structured Workout of 30-50 minutes
Friday – Trail run of 30-50 minutes

Juniors (12-14 Years)

Led by Coach Alex Holm. This team is for athletes that have more defined goals and have moved beyond the deliberate play of our Development Team. Coach Dee focuses on pacing, form, and personal confidence. This team is a perfect fit for athletes who have performance goals or are looking for a team that enjoys competition and fast-paced learning.

Practice Schedule:
Monday – Trail run of 30-50 minutes
Tuesday – Strength Training w/ Coach Katie Whidden
Wednesday – Structured Workout of 30-50 minutes
Friday – Trail run of 30-50 minutes

High School / Advanced (13-18 years)

This is a group focused on performance, race preparation, and building beyond foundational skills. This team includes high-performance middle school athletes representing our Advanced Team and freshman through senior high school athletes representing our high school team. Athletes have clear defined goals like improving their current personal records, making varsity at their school, competition in national-level events (Junior Olympics, Nike Cross, or Foot Locker Nationals).

Athletes on our High School team only participate in our teams between their high school seasons (Mid-may to mid-August & December through March). Our advanced team consisting of High-Performance Middle School athletes operates year-round.

Practice Schedule:
Monday – Trail run of 30-50 minutes
Tuesday – Strength Training w/ Coach Katie Whidden
Wednesday – Structured Workout of 30-50 minutes
Thursday – Strength Training w/ Coach Katie Whidden
Friday – Trail run of 30-50 minutes
Sunday – Optional Long Run

Peak Elite (HS Only)

Peak Elite is a team focused on performance at the highest level. Peak Elite is Peak Performance Running’s highest performance program designed specifically for athletes who have a desire to compete at the state, national, and world level. Athletes on Peak Elite are current freshman through senior year high school athletes who have the right mix of character and capability. This team is application only.

Athletes interested in the Peak Elite team should e-mail their current PR’s to Coach Andrew to apply. Please e-mail:

What our practices look like

A Quick Note
Our practices are always optional and understand that many of our athletes are dual-sport athletes. If you are a prospective athlete – we offer our first 2 practices for free so athletes can determine if our team is a fit before they commit.

Strength Training
We believe that there are 2 components to building confident, strong runners – running regular mileage and strength training. We start strength training with our Junior athletes 1 day per week and 1 focused speed workout per week. As the athletes advance teams they will strength train 2x/ week and have 2 structured speed workouts/ week. We start Juniors with bodyweight exercises to teach body awareness, mobility, and confidence. Athletes in High School are taught the 6 basic movements and will be introduced to Olympic lifting movements as they progress.

Trail Days

All teams meet at the same location and break into their respective groups; this allows for siblings of different ages to participate at the same time. Practices average 60 minutes with High School and Advanced teams occasionally extending to 75 minutes. We believe that trail running allows our athletes the best of both worlds with soft surfaces, challenging hills, and descents, and truly experience our great front range trails in their full beauty. As a team that practices year-round we practice in all weather conditions – we will cancel in the event of lightning and extreme cold/ heat. We get wet in summer showers, snowed on in the winter, and sweat it out in the summer – we believe that there is no such thing as “bad weather” just bad clothing. We ask that athletes have a handheld water bottle in the summer as the temperature can still climb into the mid-80’s in the morning.


At the earliest level, these practices are centered around increasing their ability to run faster for longer while mixing in games and relays. As athletes advance to more specific goals on our Junior & High School teams we integrate a progressive structure around hill work, tempo runs, and track intervals. Our workouts are designed to allow athletes to personalize their training to their specific racing goals. Coaches will break athletes into groups based on their goals to race middle distance and long-distance during track season as well as grouping athletes by ability during the cross country season.

Purchase Options

Seasonal Programs

Please refer to these pages for our spring and summer programs.

Monthly Unlimited

Monthly Unlimited Development-

Monthly Unlimited Juniors-

Monthly Unlimited HS/Advanced-

Punch Card

Our punch card option allows athletes to attend practice when they can.  This payment option is great if a busy schedule doesn’t make sense for a full membership. Please note that punch cards expire after 6 months of purchase.

Punch Card (10 practices)-

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine which group my athlete should train with?

We highly recommend athletes take advantage of the 2 free trial practices we offer.  Your athlete will be able to get a sense of the other athletes, coaches, and overall team culture.  At those practices, our coaching team helps determine which group an athlete should train with. If you don’t want to take advantage of the trial practices but prefer to sign up now please just reach out to us and we will help determine which group would be the best fit.

*Please note that athletes participating in our strength training programs will get one free trial practice.

My athlete is a beginner but I am worried they will be too old for the development group.

Our development group has a variety of abilities and ages. We have had several instances where an 8th grader has been in that group just due to the fact that they are a newer runner. Therefore, your athlete might start with the development group and then move up to Juniors. We prefer to be conservative initially so they don’t have a poor first experience where they can’t keep up.  No matter what your athlete’s ability I promise there will be another athlete of the same speed and coach to help her out, especially on that first day.

Depending on the athlete’s goals, abilities, and maturity athletes can move up groups but we always have the long-term in mind and don’t want to push athletes too early in their development.

Are there attendance requirements? 

We offer the punch card option because we have several athletes who focus on soccer, volleyball, basketball, etc. Their schedules don’t allow them to come every day and we don’t have any attendance requirements. We just welcome athletes whenever they are able to join us and have the punch card option in place for just those instances.

Does my athlete have to have experience?

No, we welcome athletes of any ability to our team.  We love showing new athletes this great sport and fostering their love of it.

How many miles does the development team run?

The development team typically runs 2-4 miles at each practice. Don’t be intimidated. This is over an hour time period so includes a lot of breaks.