Peak Spring Run Program

After a winter focused on building athletes endurance the spring season starts to incorporate more speed work to prepare athletes for summer USATF track events.  This is also a great time of the year for athletes to discover their interest on the track by testing out different distances during Wednesday nights track workout.

As the season changes athletes will enjoy the warmer weather and longer days. During the spring months we provide several opportunities to race in local 5ks with the team.  If your athlete loves to run and wants to join a supportive community of athletes then you have come to the right place.



Development Spring Running Program |
Feb 28th- May 27th, 2021

As always the focus of the development team is deliberate play.  We want to foster a lifelong love of the sport so we keep the fun factor high through the use of games.

What’s included?

  • 3 Days of structured running (2 Trail Runs, 1 Workout)

$325 3 months unlimited – Register here

$165 10 Punch Card

** Please note the pricing difference between the two programs is strength training.  Development program does not include strength training. If you have questions which program your athlete trains with please reach out to the coaches

Juniors Spring Running Program |Feb 28th- May 27th, 2021

What’s Included?

  • 3 Days of Structured running (2 Trail runs, 1 Workout)
  • 1 Day of Strength Training

$400 3 months unlimited Register here

$165 10 Punch Card