High School Winter Run Program

Peak Performance Running believes that the winter run program is all about getting a fresh start. After a long summer of mileage, and a hearty dose of racing in the fall athletes need to rebuild and refocus on spring.  Our Winter Program offers a weekly schedule where athletes can build strength in the weight room, hone skills and speed on an indoor track, and ultimately improve their fitness so they can enter their respective programs ahead of the curve.

If you’re looking to take your spring track season to the top in May – this is the program for you. The High School and Advanced Winter program is designed to challenge and build athletes to their greatest potential so they can perform for their teams in May. We take a major focus in building explosiveness and power for athletes who will be tackling the 800m-2 mile and skills development for hurdlers.

We know that every success stems from thoughtful execution. Programming offered is detailed below.

We go the distance
Athletes looking to focus on 400m – 2 mile will find Peak Performance Running is a perfect fit for their needs. The Peak Performance Running Team has a pedigree of producing top performers in these events. Our Winter Program focuses on integrating a long term approach to ensure athletes see their best performances in May. We believe that strength training, base training, and skill development are the key components that athletes need to succeed!

Strength Training
Strength Training isn’t just about moving weights in a gym, it’s about knowing how your body moves and understanding how to control it. Most athletes who enter this program see a big performance benefit just from strength training alone. This program not only builds muscular strength it builds confident, strong athletes. Athletes that know how to use the muscle they build will excel on race day.

Building more than Athletes
Peak Performance Running offers a dynamic training platform that allows for athletes of all ages and abilities to bring each other to the next level. We know that some of our youngest athletes can teach our older athletes a number of skills, and our older athletes can offer mentorship, guidance, and reference when things get tough. We know that as a team we are a force together. We will integrate our high school, middle school, and elementary school athletes together from time to time to create community and build a network of athletes that are #bettertogether.

High School Winter Running Program | November 1 – February 25th 

What’s Included

  • Team Accountability – 2x week strength, 3x week running, optional long run on Sundays make 4 running opportunities

  • Racing opportunities- 2022 Indoor Season – Mines or USATF events ( race fees are an additional expense)

    • Team Time Trials to prep for late spring racing

    • Additional Opportunities to be announced as the season unfolds

  • ***Coached indoor workouts might be available at The Colorado School of Mines Indoor Facility 1x/ week for additional cost of facility rental.
  • Team Building – Throughout the winter and spring we will be doing all-team events alongside practice

    • Christmas Break – Mt. Morrison “Run/ Hike”

High School Practice Schedule

Monday- Rooney Rd. Trailhead at Green Mountain @ 4:30pm
Tuesday –   Trailhead Crossfit @ 6:30pm
Wednesday Bell Middle School Track @ 4:30pm
Thursday –  Trailhead Crossfit @ 6:30pm
Friday- Southridge Park @  4:30pm
Sunday – Long Run – Cafe 13 @9am


Full program– Unlimited 4 months of training- $600  (Early bird discount until October 15th- after October 15th price moves to $650)

Monthly Option– Payment can be broken into 4 installment payments. Option will be provided at checkout

Register here- it will default to the full program. You will have the option at checkout to do the monthly installments