Winter Run Program

Winter Run Program Description

The Winter Run program is ideal for athletes looking to stay in shape through the winter as they build into the spring track season. The winter track program with Peak Performance Running offers a weekly schedule where athletes can build strength in the weight room, build skills and speed on an indoor track, and ultimately build their fitness so they can enter their respective programs ahead of the curve and proper on race day.

Skill Development
Athletes will have a chance to race and sharpen skills at numerous indoor events so they can work on racing tactics and skills long before they are in the heat of competition outdoors. Hurdlers, sprinters, and jumpers should feel right at home working with our coaches on starts and technique using video review tools. 

Distance Runners
Athletes looking to focus on 800m – 2 mile will find Peak Performance Running is a perfect fit for their needs. The Peak Performance Running Team has a pedigree of producing top performers in these events. From League and Regional event winners to national caliber runners. Distance running is something we coach well and know we can make a big impact for athletes  who are looking to drop their times by a significant margin

Strength Training
Strength Training isn’t just about moving weights in a gym it’s about knowing how your body moves and understanding how to control it. Most athletes who enter this program see a big performance benefit just from strength training alone. This program not only builds muscular strength it builds confident, strong athletes. Athletes that know how to use the muscle they build will excel on race day.

Injury Prevention
Our team of coaches have worked with youth athletes for a decade or more. We believe that a combination of strength training, speed work, and aerobic training will help athletes find balance in the work they do. While injuries can be part of any sport – we work hard to keep our athletes on the track by pushing them to work on the small things so they aren’t sidelined by preventable injuries. We work alongside numerous local therapists, chiropractors, and specialists to give our athletes a catered approach when it comes to training

Building more than Athletes
Peak Performance Running offers a dynamic training platform that allows for athletes of all ages and abilities to bring each other to the next level. We know that some of our youngest athletes can teach our older athletes a number of skills, and our older athletes can offer mentorship, guidance, and reference when things get tough. We know that as a team we are a force together. We will integrate our high school, middle school, and elementary school athletes together from time to time to create community and build a network of athletes that are #bettertogether.

Pricing Options for the Winter Run Program

Peak Performance Running believes that the winter run program is all about getting a fresh start. After a long summer of mileage, and a hearty dose of racing in the fall athletes need to rebuild and refocus on spring. During November and December athletes may still be focusing on post-season racing. However, we offer athletes a home who are still looking for guidance for these races, or desire to get working on their spring goals.

We know that every success stems from thoughtful execution. Programming offered is detailed below. Please make note of the unique options for athletes. If your athlete plans on racing with Peak Performance Running this winter please make sure your USATF Membership is active.

Development Winter Running Program | November 5 – February 28th 

The development program takes the fall program and keeps the fun high when the temps get low. We’re offering the option for athletes to race the 4 indoor races in January as part of the package so you can pay ahead and forget about headaches on race day! Winter running is just as much if not more fun than running the rest of the year. All the snow will allow us to create new routes which means a new way to have fun on the run!

What’s included?

  • 3 Days of Structured running (2 Trail Runs, 1 Workout)
  • Full Program includes entry into all Indoor USATF races

$475 $425 until November 1st

– $150 10 Punch Card

– $120 Monthly Development

Juniors Winter Running Program | November 5 – February 28th

The Juniors Winter Program takes a long term approach to building summer fitness. The indoor track season is very short here in Colorado but it does allow us to assess our
fitness as we build through spring. Athletes are encouraged to race when possible, and the Races included pricing takes out the headache of racing winter track. This program is designed with long term athlete development in mind and transitions athletes from mobility and endurance focused strength training to explosiveness and power building in the weight room. Athletes in their 8th grade year who are motivated to do indoor track are encouraged to learn more about the New Balance Indoor Qualifying standards

MS Boys 1500 – 4:55/ 5:15 1600m
MS Girls 1500 – 5:28/ 5:44 1600m

What’s Included?

  • 3 Days of Structured running (2 Trail runs, 1 Workout)
  • 1 Day of Strength Training
  • Full Program includes entry into all Indoor USATF races

– $600 $550 until November 1st

– $150 10 Punch Card

– $150 Monthly Juniors

High School Winter Running Program | November 5 – February 28th

If you’re looking to take your spring track season to the top in May – this is the program for you. The High School and Advanced Winter program is designed to challenge and build athletes to their greatest potential so they can perform for their teams in May. We take a major focus in building explosiveness and power for athletes who will be tackling the 800m-2 mile and skills development for hurdlers. This program adds a second day of strength training to the weekly schedule and also allows for more individualized programming with Coach Andrew. Program begins November 1 and allows athletes competing at NXR or Footlocker an opportunity to train with a large and focused group. Indoor racing is encouraged but not required. Indoor practices at Mines will come at an additional cost, and will be shared when the schedule is available.

NBNI Boys Freshman 1500 – 4:20 / 4:40 Mile

NBNI Girls Freshman Mile – 4:50 / 5:19 Mile

What’s Included?

  • 3 Days of Structured Group Running (2 Trail Runs, 1 Track workout)
  • 2 Days of Strength (We’ve added more this year!)
  • Full Program includes entry into all Indoor USATF races
  • Opportunity to train indoor at The Colorado School of Mines Indoor Facility 1x/ week

$750 $700 until November 1st

– $150 10 Punch Card

– $175 Monthly