Youth Running Form Clinics

Youth Running Form Clinics

Youth Running Form Clinics

Improve performance and prevent injury

Our youth running form clinics are designed to build confidence, improve performance, and help athletes take actionable steps to run with confidence.

Most athletes aren’t born with perfect mechanics and need correction and direction with outside eyes on how to move their body efficiently and correctly. Running form is a learned skill that requires athletes to build new patterns, build strength, and take a focus on how they are moving their bodies when they run. Each session starts with a video of how they run and each session ends with a  video run with a focus on mechanics, cadence, and posture.

What we cover in each session

Each youth running form clinic has 4 key aspects:

  • Upper-body Mechanics (How we move our arms)
  • Lower-body Mechanics (How we move our legs and land)
  • Posture (How we hold ourselves)
  • Cadence (How quickly we move our feet)

These 4 aspects make each youth running form clinic a valuable asset for athletes in every sport that requires running. Our youth running form clinics are open to athletes in any sport. Coach Andrew Simmons has helped baseball, basketball, soccer, and lacrosse players learn how to take a conscious approach to their running.

Practice makes perfect

Attending a single clinic will not guarantee that an athlete running form will change at their next game or race. Changing running form in youth athletes requires skill development through repetition, drills, strength work, and attention to detail. Our clinics are designed to provide athletes with an insight into where they can improve and will be given 3 -4 things to work on after each session. Athletes are encouraged to set up attend a second clinic or schedule individual sessions with Coach Andrew to work 1:1.

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Upcoming clinic dates announced soon.  Please check back for details.

Athletes ages 10-18 are welcome to participate. Classes are limited to 8 athletes. Register today to guarantee your spot!

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Private Running Form Session

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