Get to know our coaches! We believe that we have assembled an amazing group of coaches and influencers that will help your athlete take their training to the next level. This team is led by two professional coaches who work with athletes worldwide. The team of Peak Performance Running wants to help your athlete grow to love running and achieve their best potential!


Head Coach: 

Andrew Simmons



Andrew is the Head Coach of Peak Performance Running. Andrew has worked with youth since 2015. Andrew has USA Track and Field Level 2 certification specializing in Endurance as well as Lydiard Certification. Andrew is a full-time running coach for Lifelong Endurance. In 2015 he guided 2 youth athletes to All-American Status in Cross Country, followed up 2016 with a Girls 13-14 National Title, as well as 3 additional and 1 repeat All-American.

Coaching Mentality:

Andrew believes that good form, functional strength and efficient running economy are the building blocks of successful injury free youth runners. Andrew teaches athletes the importance of pacing, speed development and focuses on getting the most out of every workout. He is committed to helping athletes meet and exceed their goals. Andrew believes in coaching consciously and not callously. You won’t find him barking commands but rather asking the athletes to internalize thoughts and feelings when running and developing a feel for tactics, form, and drive.

Get to know Coach Andrew:
Andrew is a runner at heart and is still competitive in local races across Colorado. He has completed 35+ Marathons, Ironman Louisville in 2011, and ultra marathon cycling events across the Midwest. Andrew enjoys writing and sharing his views on training on different blogs and sites. You might ask him abotu his favorite kind of coffee or his favorite city he’s visited abroad.

Professional Development:
Andrew is a running coach in Denver, Colorado. #works with athletes of all abilities and works with youth to adult athletes. # coaches distance running and works with 5K – Ultra Marathon athletes. You can find his work all across the web from opinions on the Lifelong Endurance blog to training articles on the TrainingPeaks Blog.



Strength Coach / Assistant Coach: 

Katie Whidden



Katie Whidden is the Assistant Coach and Head Strength Coach of Peak Performance Running. Katie  has worked with youth since 2010. She has the highly regarded CSCS in strength and conditioning as well as certifications from USA Triathlon and USA Cycling. Katie is a full-time Endurance coach for Lifelong Endurance. Katie is a former Division 1 athlete playing Basketball at Elon University in North Carolina.

Coaching Mentality:

Katie believes that movement is important to the success of youth runners. Katie is the head strength coach at Peak Performance Running and is crucial to the success of our high school and youth athletes. She can make a workout happen just about anywhere and has a keen eye for finding an athletes weaknesses and helping them get to the next level.

Get to know Coach Katie:

Katie can be found riding her bike all across the front range when she’s not working with athletes. She is an avid explorer with a heart of an adventurer speaking to many of the youth she works with. Katie is an avid learner and is a consummate reader and researcher. Her drive to explore has taken her to multiple countries and is always looking for her next trip You might ask her about her favorite hike in the area, or her work with the GBX Juniors, or her small summer triathlon group.






Nancy Yager


Nancy a former school teacher in rural Michigan transplanted to Colorado in 2017. She was an avid runner with Coach Andrew as part of the Kalamazoo Area Runners. She has worked with youth runners for 5+ years before working with Peak Performance Running, add to that another 15+ years of working with students. She takes her experiences as a coach and teacher and combines them into a program that allows new runners to grow and flourish. She is the Assistant Coach for the Development Program and is a warm welcoming face you will see at every practice.

Coaching Mentality:

Nancy is a nurturer and a listener first, she gets to know every athlete and what motivates them and what they enjoy about running. She is an RRCA certified coach and uses her background and knowledge as a runner to help bring kids to where they want to be as runners. Nancy is a major key to the success of Peak Performance Running as she is the coach laying the foundation for the future of our team. She has a keen eye for good running form and is diligent when it comes to progress new runners at a level that challenges them but doesn’t break them.