Peak Performance Running
Summer Altitude Camps

PPR High School Altitude Camp |July 18-22nd & July 23-27th, 2022

The Peak Altitude Camp is focused on high performance and athlete excellence. This camp is for athletes entering to high school fall of 2022 and current HS athletes focused on setting their season up for success. It isn’t enough to just train at over 9,000 ft. it’s another to conquer the terrain. Each day is filled with challenges that won’t just dare you to push harder physically but also grow mentally. This program hones in on where the physical meets the mental – no one day is the same as the next. Athletes will be required to show up every day ready to perform to their best potential.

Our Focus

Our camp is focused on building athletes for their next great performance. The challenges they will face at altitude starts and ends with the mountains. Conquering the mileage, and the terrain is only one part of what makes this camp special. This camp is about building leaders and teammates that lean in and for one another to build the team for a greater good. Individuals attending this camp will feel a remarkable sense of community, taking these skills back to their team – allowing them to lead from the front.  The summer altitude camp combines a beautiful setting, big miles, and a remarkable sense of community. It’s hard to find another camp that will put you on a runner’s high quite like this.

Where Performance Meets Excellence

The coaching staff at this camp brings together performance, education, and excellence. Head Coach Andrew Simmons leads the programs, designs the running routes and provides the challenges for the day. The coaching staff will also include former coaches of high performing teams, as well as current professional and collegiate athletes. Athletes will be accompanied by staff on every run and will be lead and supported through any major challenge throughout the day. Activities will challenge athletes to look internally as well as externally to better understand how they present themselves to their team and the outside world.

We Build Champions

Peak Performance Running has built numerous All-Americans in cross country, world-class mountain runners, and track and field stars. Athletes in our program are challenged to become better every day. We are excited to share the principles of our program with a larger audience and with the running community as a whole. The altitude camp won’t just challenge you, it will change you; drawing on this growth will allow you to take yourself to the next level this fall.


Who: Athletes entering to high school fall of 2022 and current HS athletes

Where: Luxury housing in Keystone, CO

When: Select between 2 date options

  • Session 1: July 18-22nd- SOLD OUT
  • Session 2: July 23-27th- SOLD OUT

Camp will begin at 2pm and end at 9am


-$775 by January 31, 2022

-$825 after February 1st, 2022

-$875 after May 1st, 2022

New options this year!!

  • Instead of paying the full balance at once payment can be broken into 3 installment payments.  It will default to the full program but at checkout you will have the option to switch to installments if you select to pay by credit card.
  • This year we will be providing an option for refunds. Refunds can be made if cancelled by June 1st minus a $50 processing fee.

Register Here

Camp is full but you can sign up for our wait list. Please email to get on that list.

Camp Scholarship- We don’t want cost to be a barrier to an athlete attending camp so this year we are offering a couple scholarships. See below link for further details


What is a typical day at camp?

A typical day begins a morning run.  The distance depends on the group athletes run with (self selected based on ability) but can range anywhere from 4-10 miles most days.  Most routes have a decent amount of elevation gain so even if the mileage doesn’t seem like much we promise that athletes will get in plenty of intensity.  Each day we have at least one activity like listening to a panel of current pro or collegiate runners or nutritionist.  We also have a team challenge throughout the week where athletes compete in activities such as a plank competition, bucket relay etc. During the evening we did a shorter run or hike with time to connect and relax after.

Are athletes separated by gender? What’s the sleeping arrangement like?

Athletes are broken up into houses or ski condos by gender. A coach of that same gender will be supervising each house or condo.  Athletes will share a queen bed or have a bunk to themselves depending on the layout of the room they are assigned to.

My athlete is located out of state. Do you help with transportation? 

For a $50 fee we will offer transportation to and from the airport. We will provide a pick up time from the airport for out of state athletes on the day camp starts. If athletes arrive earlier or later than those times then athletes will need to find their own transportation to Keystone which is about a 2 hour drive from Denver International. We will return out of state athletes to the airport that Friday arriving around 11am.  Pick up times will be coordinated about 2 months from camp. * Athletes joining with a team of more than 6 athletes will have the transportation fee waived*

My athlete has dietary restrictions how do you accommodate?

Parents are required to complete a medical form prior to camp listing any special dietary restrictions, food allergies, and special needs. We strive to accommodate athletes needs from the moment they arrive. Athletes are responsible for cooking for one another during their stay at camp. Athletes needing Gluten-Free or vegetarian/ vegan meal options will be cooked a separate meal as needed. Please be specific with your athlete’s needs when you complete your athlete form. Please contact us directly with any specific questions.

What do I need to know about athletes at altitude?

Athletes need to be extremely conscious of hydration and caloric consumption. Athletes who don’t take hydration and calories seriously will struggle to complete the daily mileage. Air at over 9,000 ft has a lower concentration of oxygen and can lead to some initial discomfort that can be mitigated with increased hydration and caloric intake. We know the signs of altitude sickness and how to mitigate these effects with minimal intervention. Athletes will need additional calories – we’ve got this all under control!

Are there any other costs I should be aware of?

All housing, transportation and food is provided (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks).  The only money your athlete might want is for when we explore Keystone. Sometimes athletes like to grab a treat like ice cream or a souvenir.  We have no issues with athletes bringing specific bars or snacks that they enjoy to camp as we might not have their favorite snack available.

Anything else I should know?

We are tied to our phones from the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep at night. We are looking for the athletes to take a break from the device so they can truly be present with their teammates.  This camp has a firm no device policy. Athletes are asked to surrender all devices upon arrival – no phones, iPads, or tablets.  Athletes that desire to check in with family will have 30 minutes a day to do so if requested.