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2 Choices – Please read carefully

  • The PPR Middle School Altitude Camp is targeted to youth runners entering grades 6-8. Incoming Freshman should look into our HS Camp. If your athlete is younger than 6th grade please contact us. We accept runners of all abilities.
  • The High School Altitude Camp is for athletes across Colorado and the US who are looking to experience training in beautiful Keystone, Colorado.

PPR Middle School Altitude Camp | July 13-17th, 2020- MS CAMP CANCELLED FOR 2020

The PPR Altitude Camp is for athletes entering 6-8th grade and have aspirations to train for fall Cross Country. Athletes nationwide are accepted and encouraged to participate. Please contact us directly with any questions.


We believe in creating a fun and challenging environment at our team camp. We know that athletes build confidence by what they do prior to when the gun goes off. The goal of this camp is to build our team long before they put on those spikes. Building internal trust is vital to the longevity and growth of our team. You can expect your athlete to come home with a better understanding of who they are as well as a greater sense of community with their teammates.  Athletes walk away from a big, challenging training week energized for the summer ahead allowing them to see success when it matters most.

We Serve

The Peak Performance Running program is based in Golden, Colorado where we serve the needs of runners who are focused on building themselves to perform at their highest potential. Our summer camp serves to build internal leadership and transition our younger team members into leaders who will lead our team their 7th and 8th-grade years. We use this camp to further expand the skills and abilities of our athletes over 5 days of running, activities, and exploration.

We Create

Leadership skills and confidence are required to guide your team at the start line. Long after coaches give their final words, it’s up to the athletes to make their dreams a reality once the gun goes off. It’s one part fitness, one part knowledge, mixed with trust and understanding that allow our athletes to succeed when it matters most. Building relationships across our team and within our age group teams are what makes this camp so special. Our daily trail runs are demanding from the altitude to the terrain, athletes will be outside their comfort zones the moment they arrive. Every day will have a new challenge and experience focused on building the athletes to become their highest and best.

We Build

Peak Performance Running envisions a world in which our youth grow up exploring, thinking for themselves, and connecting with their communities. Leaning in and for their community to bring the strengths of themselves and others to the forefront. We believe in providing a place for athletes to be vulnerable and succeed. Every day at camp will include a run and a session which could include topics such as restoration, self-talk, or strength with the goal of building a strong mind, body, and soul.


Summit Cove has been an amazing partner to our program. The condominiums allow trail access within walking distance, comfortable accommodations, all tucked away in the Central Colorado Mountains. Athletes will have full access to a pool, multimedia areas for movies, open space for activities, and a view of the great outdoors. The cost of the camp is all-inclusive. Athletes only need to bring some light spending money for a trip to Dillon, Colorado.


We are tied to our phones from the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep at night. We are looking for the athletes to take a break from the device so they can truly be present with their teammates.  This camp has a firm no device policy. Athletes are asked to surrender all devices upon arrival – no smartwatches, phones, iPads, or tablets.  Athletes that desire to check in with family will have 30 minutes a day to do so if requested.

PPR High School Altitude Camp |July 17-21st, 2020


PPR Altitude Camp

The PPR Altitude Camp is focused on high performance and athlete excellence. This camp is for athletes entering to high school fall of 2020 and current HS athletes focused on setting their season up for success. It isn’t enough to just train at over 9,000 ft. it’s another to conquer the terrain. Each day is filled with challenges that won’t just dare you to push harder physically but also grow mentally. This program hones in on where the physical meets the mental – no one day is the same as the next. Athletes will be required to show up every day ready to perform to their best potential.

Our Focus

The PPR High Altitude camp is focused on building athletes for their next great performance. The challenges they will face at altitude starts and ends with the mountains. Conquering the mileage, and the terrain is only one part of what makes this camp special. This camp is about building leaders and teammates that lean in and for one another to build the team for a greater good. Individuals attending this camp will feel a remarkable sense of community, taking these skills back to their team – allowing them to lead from the front.  The summer altitude camp combines a beautiful setting, big miles, and a remarkable sense of community. It’s hard to find another camp that will put you on a runner’s high quite like this.

Where Performance Meets Excellence

The coaching staff at this camp brings together performance, education, and excellence. Head Coach Andrew Simmons leads the programs, designs the running routes and provides the challenges for the day. The coaching staff will also include former coaches of high performing teams, as well as current professional and collegiate athletes. Athletes will be accompanied by staff on every run and will be lead and supported through any major challenge throughout the day. Activities will challenge athletes to look internally as well as externally to better understand how they present themselves to their team and the outside world.

We Build Champions

Peak Performance Running has built numerous All-Americans in cross country, world-class mountain runners, and track and field stars. Athletes in our program are challenged to become better every day. We are excited to share the principles of our program with a larger audience and with the running community as a whole. The altitude camp won’t just challenge you, it will change you; drawing on this growth will allow you to take yourself to the next level this fall.

A Culture of Success

A culture of excellence begins with you. Challenge yourself by surrounding yourself with athletes who have big goals and dreams – just like you.

More Info/ Related Links

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Are athletes separated by gender? What’s the sleeping arrangement like?

Athletes will connect in common areas – every room will have staff or coaches present when athletes are not actively engaged in activities. Athletes are broken up into small groups by gender, each condo sleeps 6-12 athletes. Athletes will abide by a strict curfew if they can stay awake that long!

Food and Dietary needs are a big concern for many athletes, how do you accommodate?

Athletes are required to complete an entrance survey prior to camp listing any special dietary restrictions, food allergies, and special needs. We strive to accommodate athletes needs from the moment they arrive. Athletes are responsible for cooking for one another during their stay at camp. Athletes needing Gluten-Free or vegetarian/ vegan meal options will be cooked a separate meal as needed. Please be specific with your athlete’s needs when you complete your athlete survey and profile.

Athletes at altitude – what do I need to know?

Athletes need to be extremely conscious of hydration and caloric consumption. Athletes who don’t take hydration and calories seriously will struggle to complete the daily mileage. Air at over 9,000 ft has a lower concentration of oxygen and can lead to some initial discomfort that can be mitigated with increased hydration and caloric intake. We know the signs of altitude sickness and how to mitigate these effects with minimal intervention. Athletes will need additional calories – we’ve got this all under control!

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High School Camp – $750

*All purchases are non-refundable.